Bazaar recommended practices

Alexandros Frantzis alf82 at
Mon Jul 7 21:56:48 BST 2008

I have recently started using bzr in a distributed workflow with a
centralized mainline and I am having some questions regarding
recommended practices. I was wondering how the more experienced
users/developers handled some cases:

1. How do you handle small changes to a project: do you create a new
branch for every small change, have a long standing eg 'trivial' branch
or change the local branch of trunk directly?

2. Where do you commit branches to the mainline from: do you merge the
current (local copy of) trunk into a feature branch and push from there,
the other way round or perhaps keep a second branch of trunk used just
for merging and pushing?

I think it would be useful if there was a section in the wiki where
experienced users could explain in detail how they used bzr within
workflows so that new users could see some alternatives.


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