ideas for C optimization wanted

Robert Collins robertc at
Thu Jul 3 21:35:22 BST 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-03 at 17:36 +0100, Russel Winder wrote:

> Can I put in a signpost here.  Some of us run multiple architectures off
> the same filestore.  So I have Ubuntu, Solaris and Mac OS X all sharing
> a single copy of things -- see NFS can be wonderful.  SCons has very
> simple ways of dealing with this sort of compilation situation, Make on
> the other hand does not.   Of course selection of architecture at
> runtime in this sort of context has to be worried about as well.

What you can do is install bzr to your shared filestore rather than
running out of tree. Do that once from each architecture - the common
files will be reused, the extensions installed to the appropriate binary
locations. (And if they're not, its a bug in distutils.)


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