Mirror-only local branch of bazaar had conflict on pull

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Sun Jun 29 20:22:49 BST 2008

Hi Tom,

Am Sonntag, den 29.06.2008, 14:16 -0500 schrieb Tom Tobin:
> My local branch of bazaar's trunk, which I only pull to and branch
> from (i.e., I don't commit to it) had a conflict today when pulling
> from Launchpad:
> Conflict: can't delete bzrlib/tests/interversionedfile_implementations
> because it is not empty.  Not deleting.
> Conflict: can't delete bzrlib/tests/revisionstore_implementations
> because it is not empty.  Not deleting.
> 2 conflicts encountered.
> Now on revision 3513.
> I removed these directories and marked them as resolved, and now
> everything seems fine.  I'm not sure I see anything relevant when
> searching through Bazaar's bugs in Launchpad; bug #120970 looks
> closest, but I'm not sure.  Should I write this up as a new bug?  (I'm
> using bzr 1.6b2, FWIW.)
There were probably .pyc files (which are generated when bzr runs) left
over in those directories. Bazaar didn't remove those files for you
because they could've contained important (but unversioned) information.

Since it couldn't remove those files it also couldn't remove the
directories they are in and that's why you got the conflict.

I think this is correct behaviour, or at least I can't think of a better
way of handling this.


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