Evaluating Bazaar in a CVS environment.

Alaa Salman alaasalman at terra.net.lb
Fri Jun 27 22:12:01 BST 2008

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Andy Walker wrote:
| If I understand lightweight checkout correctly, this still creates a
copy of
| every file in that branch which seems kind of wasteful to me,
especially if I'm
| only altering four or five files spread across directories in this
tree.  Again,
| this is where grouping of branches would come in handy.

But so, say you want to test your changes... Having only a few files
that you want to modify would not allow you to do so. How would you
build the project?

Plus, if you don't want to waste space for example... host the "main"
branch on some server, and then do a lightweight checkout and hack on
it. I guess this would be working in a similar fashion to how a
centralized revision control system would work.

I believe that you're still thinking in the CVS terms of files, while in
a DVCS like bazaar, you need to think of branches as sort of a single unit.

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