"Permission denied" errors removing test directories on Windows.

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at free.fr
Thu Jun 26 15:58:27 BST 2008

>>>>> "john" == John Arbash Meinel <john at arbash-meinel.com> writes:


    >> Also, while this problem remains, it may make sense for
    >> the bzr test suite on Windows to create its own
    >> sub-directory under %TEMP% which is the parent of all
    >> other temp directories.  Any thoughts on that?
    >> Cheers,
    >> Mark

    john> At least at one point we did this. Has that gone away?

I don't know for windows, but it's still active under Linux.

    john> I would be happy to have it brought back. (I think the
    john> biggest difficulty is just working out how long that
    john> directory needs to exist, and when it can be removed.)

<cough> atexit :-/


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