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Paul Hummer wrote:
| Aaron and I were chatting about shared repositories the other day, which
| just triggered a discussion with Tim about his workflow.  I'm curious to
| know other's workflows using bazaar as the VCS so that I can find
| something that might work better for me.
|   - How are your folders laid out?

I have one directory for all my development work called dev. Inside dev,
i have shared-repos for each project.

- -shared-repo for projectX
~  -trunk
~  -featureA
~  -customerBchanges
~  ...

branches(what you would call feature branches) get merged into mainline
which i always try to keep in a working order. Then i remove them.

|   - Do you use lightweight checkouts?

Only when i use treeless storage and then a checkout work directory, but
i rarely do that anymore. I also use lightweight checkouts when I 'co'
other people's work and i'm only interested in the working tree(or the
history is too large)

|   - What plugins could you not live without it?

I regularly use bzr-svn, bzr-gtk, qbzr(works great when developing on
windows), bzr-launchpad, bzrtools(shelf specifically), and recently
bzr-builddeb(which eliminates my manual process in building package,
stupid me). If they're reading this, I'd like to thank the authors of
bzr and the authors of these plug ins.

By the way, this is a great threat for the bzr developers to read so
that they know how people are using bzr and their work flows and most
used plugins.

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