plugins page to narrow?

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Wed Jun 25 05:26:05 BST 2008

Robert Collins wrote:
> I wonder if the plugins list on the wiki is too narrowly defined. For
> instance, bzr-hookless-email is useful for people to know about, but its
> not strictly speaking a 'plugin'.

I think so. Right now, we're partitioning on "technology" type,
not problem space, so we have different pages for plugins vs
3rd-party tools vs IDEs vs whatever. Maybe we're be better of
generalising the top page (Add-ons?) and linking off to sub-pages
containing each area of interest, e.g.:

* enhanced detection/commit (e.g. auto-mv & friends)
* enhancing history browsing/diff
* enhanced searching
* GUI tools
* Editors and IDEs (page there now)
* Internet/Intranet integration (web, email, RSS, IRC bots, etc.)
* Issue tracking (trac, bugzilla, jira, etc.)
* Build & CI
* process hooks (e.g. checking commit msgs match patterns)
* Migration (not just plugins but tailor, etc. are relevant)
* ...

Longer term, having a tool where developers could register these
and users could rate them would be sweet. Just reorganising the
Wiki pages along the lines above would do though. Done right,
I think that would make things easier to find, particularly as
the number of add-ons is growing every week at the moment.

Ian C.

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