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Aaron Bentley aaron at aaronbentley.com
Mon Jun 23 15:46:27 BST 2008

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Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> Aaron Bentley wrote:
>> Ian Clatworthy wrote:
>>> Aaron Bentley wrote:
>>>> This patch implements policy for stacking branches.
> Well done on this. A bit more feedback below for your consideration.
> bb:tweak

Thanks for your review.

>>>> +class TestTransportConfig(TestCaseWithBzrDir):
>>>> +
>>>> +    def setUp(self):
>>>> +        TestCaseWithBzrDir.setUp(self)
> I included this method in my previous email but I forgot to mention why.
> As all it does in call the matching method in the superclass, it's
> redundant isn't it?

Good catch.

> This particular change looks all good to me. Immediately after this, the
> (old) code goes on to open the branch and set local_branch again. As you've
> already done that now, I think the try/catch/else I'm talking about can
> simply become something like:

You're right.  Thanks.

>   if local_branch is not None:
>     ...
>> @@ -973,6 +1024,7 @@
>>          target_transport.ensure_base()
>>          cloning_format = self.cloning_metadir()
>>          result = cloning_format.initialize_on_transport(target_transport)
>> +        repository_policy = None
> It doesn't do any harm but I think that setting repository_policy to None is
> not needed here? It looks like all code paths go through the bit that set
> it later on.

Fixed.  I can only assume that it made sense at one stage.

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