[ANN] bzr-upload

Martin Albisetti argentina at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 03:46:55 BST 2008

After a few months of on-and-off work, we've finally reached a stage
where most people can use the plugin, so here goes.

bzr-upload is basically a plugin which lets you upload the working
tree (present or past revisions) to a remote location via ftp/sftp,
and remembers the last revision uploaded so you don't upload unchanged

The plugin is mainly Vincent Ladeuil's work, with some coding on my
part, and a lot of complaining  :)

The plugin is mainly targeted to web development, where you work with
code, and it can be deployed by simply uploading it. It seemed a waste
to have to fire up an FTP client and remember what I changed when bzr
already knew and could do it for me. Lazyness wins every time.

I blogged a bit more information about it: http://beuno.com.ar/archives/80

Project's page: https://launchpad.net/bzr-upload

Also, a public thank you to Vila for working on this, it has made my
daily work *so* much easier.

Patches, bugs, very welcome!


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