Sydney sprint news - Win32 support, repository improvements and stacking

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri Jun 20 07:58:57 BST 2008

Andrew Bennetts, Jonathan Lange, Mark Hammond, Robert Collins and
myself got together for a few days earlier this week in Sydney.

It was nice to meet Mark in person for the first time.  As you may
have seen on the list he's been working on a tortoise-like integration
of Bazaar with the Windows explorer and shell, building on the earlier
work done by Alexander Haro.  He's now got up to the point of showing
correct versioned/added/modified/etc flags on files and directories
that are controlled by Bazaar.  We talked about some of the general
issues of how to build an installer, what the experience should be
like on Windows and how it can best interact with bzrlib.  Mark is now
working towards making an installer which has all of this working, and
hopefully we will have that out for testing next week.

As you may have seen from the merge review traffic Andrew and I have
been trying to help Robert land the versionedfiles and stacking work.
It really is a pretty nice internal layering improvement but a large
patch so we're taking the time to make sure it is safe.  As we get
more of this in we'll keep making beta releases.  Andrew has just sent
an update on what's happening in the hpss code.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Martin <>

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