bzr log --short; merging into an empty branch

Colin D Bennett colin at
Wed Jun 11 22:50:04 BST 2008

On Wed, 11 Jun 2008 16:42:00 -0500
John Arbash Meinel <john at> wrote:
> Tom Tobin wrote:
> | I've found myself with the following workflow in certain cases:
> |
> | 1) Making a branch of an upstream project with a particular
> | overarching goal in mind
> | 2) Making minor "feature" branches from that branch as I work and
> | merging them back in
> |
> | I like how I can use use "bzr log --short" on that local main branch
> | to see only the merge messages from my feature branches; I *don't*
> | like how the history from the original project also gets included.
> | Trying to get around this, I've tried starting out by merging the
> | upstream project into an empty branch, only to discover that you
> can't | do that.  ^_^  Is there another way to get "bzr log" to leave
> off the | original history in a branch, or to merge into an empty
> branch? |
> |
> bzr log -r ancestor:../upstream  --short
> that will log revisions only from the common ancestor, so it will
> actually also leave off anything which has been merged. You could
> also use 'bzr missing' to do the same.

Using 'bzr missing' seems like just what Tom was looking for.  I tried
it on my own project's feature + upstream branches and it worked
perfectly.  I need to remember that; it seems like a command that will
come in handy a lot, and I have tried to get the equivalent output from
'bzr log' with various (none correct) combinations of -r ancestor:,
branch:, submit:, etc.

BTW, it seems to me that

   feature-branch$  bzr missing ../upstream --short

does not do the same thing at all that

   feature-branch$  bzr log -r ancestor:../upstream --short

does.  The former shows the feature-branch's new revisions, while the
latter shows the common ancestor revision from upstream, which is not
even work from the feature branch.

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