[MERGE] Better infrastructure for tracking remote server version in SmartClientMedium

Andrew Bennetts andrew at canonical.com
Thu Jun 5 00:05:05 BST 2008


This patch replaces the _remote_is_at_least_1_2 attribute on SmartClientMedium
with a couple of methods.  This will keep the fallback logic in bzrlib/remote.py
fairly simple when we add new RPCs in new versions, rather than needing to keep
adding _remote_is_at_least_1_6 and trying to keep them all consistent with each

It also has a small optimisation so that if protocol version is less than 3, it
won't try any RPCs introduced in 1.6.  We don't have any new RPCs in 1.6 yet,
but I'm about to send patches to add some :)


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