Annotate policies

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Wed Jun 4 20:16:23 BST 2008

> | For what it's worth, I personally don't care much for annotate: I use it
> | fairly often, but it doesn't give the info I want.  The info I really
> | want is what I'd expect from "bzr diff-with-log FILE:NN-MM", which would
> | give me a combination of "bzr log" and "bzr diff" showing a history of
> | hunks (along with their commit-log) that resulted in the lines NN to MM
> | in FILE.
> |
> | So currently, I get it piecemeal by jumping around between `annotate'
> | to find a revno which I tend pass to diff, log, and annotate, and
> | loop again.

> Have you tried using 'gannotate'? you can double click to show the
> diff, and see the log comment in the bottom. Seems to be a good fit
> for what you are doing.  But yes, it is a gtk gui if that prevents it
> from being used.

I've tried it, and it's a good UI to help me run the `bzr' commands
I need to extract the info I want, but it just makes my work a bit
simpler: it doesn't actually do the work for me.  Emacs's VC offers
similar functionality (which is what I use rather than gannotate).

I still have to look for the lines, click to get the log&diff, ignore
the unrelated part of the diff, then ask to annotate the previous
version, etc...

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