Looking for a way to get merge directive contents

Frits Jalvingh jal at etc.to
Mon Jun 2 23:52:42 BST 2008

Thanks a million. I tried that command but the result looks like the unbase64'ed bunzipped result of the blob in the message..

I've already spent a small hour in some Python hacking, and after some shameless stealing from the Bazaar and Bundle Buggy source code have wrought the following, which actually does most of what I need:

from StringIO import StringIO

from bzrlib.commands import Command, register_command, errors
from bzrlib import merge_directive
from bzrlib.errors import (NotABundle, BundleNotSupported, BadBundle, NotAMergeDirective)
from bzrlib.bundle import serializer

class mergeinfo(Command):
  """Displays information about a merge directive
  This retrieves the log messages and commit information that is contained in a merge directive
  passed to this command.
  # see bzrlib/builtins.py for information about what to put here
  takes_args = ['file']
  takes_options = []
  aliases = ['minf']
#  @display_command
  def run(self, file=None):
     f = open(file, 'r')
     lines = f.readlines()

        md = merge_directive.MergeDirective.from_lines(lines)
     except NotAMergeDirective:
        bundle_text = lines
        merge_directive_message = None
        merge_directive_message = md.message
        bundle_text = md.get_raw_bundle()
     if bundle_text is None:
        commit_messages = []
           bundle_info = serializer.read_bundle(StringIO(bundle_text))
        except (NotABundle, BundleNotSupported, BadBundle):
           commit_messages = []
           print "--------- bundle-info --------------------"
           print "Target: ", bundle_info.target
           print dir(bundle_info)
           commit_messages = []
           for revision in bundle_info.real_revisions:
              print "------- revision ---------------"
              print "Committer     : ", revision.committer
              print "Inventory SHA1: ", revision.inventory_sha1
              print "Message       : ", revision.message
              print "Summary       : ", revision.get_summary()
              print "Properties    : ", revision.properties
              print dir(revision)

# find line count
     patch_lines = md.patch.splitlines()
     self.num_patch_lines = len(patch_lines)
     print "Merge lines is ", self.num_patch_lines
     print "Merge log is ", commit_messages

# Decode the bundle in it,
     raise errors.BzrCommandError("Not there yet")


The only thing left is to find out how bzr handles output; I'll go look into xmloutput for that ;-)



On Mon, 2008-06-02 at 16:41 -0400, Aaron Bentley wrote:
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> Frits Jalvingh wrote:
> > Is there a bzr command which shows the contents of a merge directive? I
> > specifically need the log messages contained therein.
> bzr bundle-info -v.  But it won't be what you want-- it will output the
> mpdiff records, which you won't be able to apply.
> > (I hope I do not have to write a plugin; my Python is not exactly
> > good ;-)
> It is certainly easiest to write Bazaar-based programs in Python.
> Aaron
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