bzr graft or equivalent?

Fernando Perez at
Mon Jun 2 20:34:04 BST 2008

John Arbash Meinel wrote:

> My best guess is that what you would really want is "bzr rebase" to allow you
> to rebase all of your bzr revisions on top of your svn conversion. I believe
> the current problem is that it doesn't support "tree mapper" which means it
> won't link up separate histories quite correctly.
> I haven't followed bzr-rebase closely enough to understand why a flag like
> - --by-path wouldn't be sufficient. I suppose they want to allow renaming and
> still tracking the content, which starts to get a little bit trickier.

I tried rebase but couldn't make it work.  However, Guillermo's solution did
work, so in the end we're OK, thanks.



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