Code reviews in Launchpad and Bundle Buggy

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Mon Jun 2 15:53:03 BST 2008

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That's great! I wish the merge review could show side by side diff and 
more context than a few lines (a bit like reviewboard does). Is that a 
planned feature?

Also if someone submits a merge request then usually it receives 
comments and the author has to change things - in this case it would be 
nice to see the diffs between the 2 submitted versions so you see only 
the changes made to the patch since the last request. That way you can 
easily see if the issues raised have been addressed...


Aaron Bentley wrote:
| Hi all,
| Some people may have noticed the code review features in Launchpad 1.2.5
| and wondered about its relation to Bundle Buggy.
| Code Reviews are a new feature that allows people to comment on proposed
| merges, and include a vote with that proposal.
| I am the author of both that feature and Bundle Buggy.  They serve
| similar needs, but are not the same.
| Code Review is designed to work for any project.  It is tightly
| integrated into Launchpad and provides its own discussion forum.  Its
| primary objects are branches.  For a project that already uses
| Launchpad, it does not require any additional setup.
| Bundle Buggy is tailored to Bazaar's particular review process.  It uses
| the project's existing mailing list, and also ties into Launchpad and
| GMANE.  Its primary objects are merge directives.  It is Free software,
| and anyone can deploy it whether or not they use Launchpad.
| I don't consider one better than the other.  They are still too
| different for a direct comparison to make sense.  I certainly intend to
| keep working on both.  I do consider Bundle Buggy better *for the Bazaar
| project*, because it's tuned to our workflow and can continue to adapt
| to our needs directly.
| Aaron
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