Looking for a way to get merge directive contents

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Sun Jun 1 16:38:58 BST 2008

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Frits Jalvingh wrote:
| Is there a bzr command which shows the contents of a merge directive? I
| specifically need the log messages contained therein. I looked at the
| Bundle Buggy source but it uses bzrlib directly. I would need something
| that I can use from Java and which remains stable over bzr versions..
| (I hope I do not have to write a plugin; my Python is not exactly
| good ;-)
| Thanks for your time,
| Frits Jalvingh

I don't believe we have a native command line way of doing it. You *can* do a:

bzr branch existing temp
cd temp
bzr pull --overwrite ../bundle.patch
bzr log

That won't strictly give you the start and end revisions, though. They are
listed in plain text, though as "base_revision_id" and "revision_id".

So you could do the above and then do:
bzr log -r revid:base_revision_id..revid:revision_id

Actually, all you need is for the revisions to be fetched into a branch, so you
could even just do:

cd existing
bzr merge ../bundle.patch
bzr revert
bzr log -r revid:base_revision_id..revid:revision_id

Barring all of that, you could switch and just write a simple plugin that you
ask to be installed. (bzr-eclipse does this with the bzr-xmloutput plugin.)

It could add any command that you would like.

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