Committing conflicts

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Sat May 31 06:12:57 BST 2008

> You can use 'bzr resolve --all' and pretend that there aren't any
> conflicts and commit. The files will still have '<<<<<, =====, >>>>>'
> markers in them, but there won't be anything that actually claims the
> files are conflicted. (You will also remove the .THIS, .OTHER, and
> .BASE files.)

How will this handle metadata conflicts?

> We don't have a way of recording a specific conflict list for a given
> commit. It certainly is theoretically possible, just hasn't been
> something requested.  (Since we don't auto-commit merges, there hasn't
> been a need.)

How could one do it such that the conflict data is preserved?
I don't mean preserved in a way that Bazaar understands, but rather how
to turn the conflict info into soem text representation which I could
then store in a file?

The in-file conflicts indeed work already in that the conflict markers
are usually all we need, but for other forms of conflict data, it's far
from clear for me how to do that in a meaningful way.

Has someone tried it already?  Would just "cvs status >conflict-data" be
the best we can do?


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