Equivalent to Mercurial's 'fetch'

Ben Finney ben at benfinney.id.au
Fri May 30 05:16:49 BST 2008

Howdy all,

Mercurial has the 'hg fetch' command, which AFAICT is the recommended
way to bring a repository up to date with changes from another

(Bazaar's 'fetch' command is confusingly different to this, so don't
be confused :-)

It is described as::

$ hg fetch --help
hg fetch [SOURCE]

Pull changes from a remote repository, merge new changes if needed.

    This finds all changes from the repository at the specified path
    or URL and adds them to the local repository.

    If the pulled changes add a new head, the head is automatically
    merged, and the result of the merge is committed.  Otherwise, the
    working directory is updated to include the new changes.

    When a merge occurs, the newly pulled changes are assumed to be
    "authoritative".  The head of the new changes is used as the first
    parent, with local changes as the second.  To switch the merge
    order, use --switch-parent.

Bazaar has 'merge' with the '--pull' option::

$ bzr merge --help
  --pull                If the destination is already completely merged into
                        the source, pull from the source rather than merging.
                        When this happens, you do not need to commit the

However, there appears to be no equivalent to the 'hg fetch' behaviour
of automatically committing the result of the changes.

Does Bazaar support such automatically-committed merges? If not,
what's the reasoning?

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