bzr 1.6rc1 next Friday; beta1 this Friday?

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed May 28 05:29:17 BST 2008

This is the (semi-) regular release metronome mail...

We are working towards Bazaar 1.6, and plan to do the first release
candidate on Friday the 6th of June, with the final release a week

This is going to be a busy release with some improvements for hpss
network performance and hopefully also stacked repositories.  Also,
this is going to be the main version integrated into Launchpad for
their 2.0 release which is coming up soon.

To help get wider testing of our changes I'm thinking about making a
pre-release this Friday (30 May). (Maybe called 1.6beta1).  This won't
have the final code for 1.6 but will let us get wider exposure of the
changes since 1.5 branched.  I'll make tarballs, and put it into a
separate beta-testing PPA.

Martin <>

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