Bazaar Export Command Not Handling Long Path Names

Guido Ostkamp bazaar at
Wed May 21 21:21:06 BST 2008

On Wed, 21 May 2008, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> We use python's built in 'tar' library for creating the tarballs, it is 
> possible it doesn't know how to handle long filenames.

Bazaar uses the 'tarfile' module in its 
.../site-packages/bzrlib/export/ where it executes

   import tarfile
   ball =, 'w:' + compression)
   for dp, ie in entries:
     ball.addfile(item, fileobj)

the resides at .../lib/python2.5/ and includes

   def tobuf(self, posix=False):
     if posix:
       if len(self.linkname) > LENGTH_LINK:
         raise ValueError("linkname is too long (>%d)" % (LENGTH_LINK))

         if len(name) > LENGTH_NAME:
           prefix = name[:LENGTH_PREFIX + 1]
           while prefix and prefix[-1] != "/":
             prefix = prefix[:-1]

             name = name[len(prefix):]
             prefix = prefix[:-1]

           if not prefix or len(name) > LENGTH_NAME:
             raise ValueError("name is too long")
       if len(self.linkname) > LENGTH_LINK:
         buf += self._create_gnulong(self.linkname, GNUTYPE_LONGLINK)
       if len(name) > LENGTH_NAME:
         buf += self._create_gnulong(name, GNUTYPE_LONGNAME)

so it is perfectly aware of GNU long pathname support and

   class TarFile(object):
     posix = False

defines 'posix' as false, so I suppose bazaar should be able to handle 
long filenames in tarballs provided you do have a Python distro like the 
above (the example above is Python 2.5.1 out of the box).



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