Content filter sample 2: keywords plugin

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue May 20 05:42:11 BST 2008

>  [*.html]
>  keywords = escape
> ``escape`` enables keyword expansion but it escapes special characters
> in keyword values so they can be safely included in HTML or XML files.

How about calling it xmlescape as one might want something different
in C++ or Python source.

> =====================================================
>  Now            the current date and time
>  User           the current user (name and email)
>  UserEmail      just the email address of the current user
>  File           the relative path of the file or dir in the tree
>  FileName       just the name part of the relative path
>  FileDir        just the directory part of the relative path
>  =============

Current _when_?

I guess people are most interested in seeing data about the last
revision to change the file?  I can see how you might have keywords
that said when the workingtree was built or by whom but that seems
less useful.

Martin <>

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