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>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Cowie <andrew at> writes:


Andrew> One of the things that everyone seems to grapple with is that
Andrew> initial checkout time and outputting full history are not really
Andrew> all that representative of normal ongoing "day-to-day"
Andrew> operation. 


Andrew> That aside, our experience *using* bzr has otherwise been mostly
Andrew> positive, and we continue to recommend it.

This week I was evaluating Bazaar as a DVCS candidate for my next
(Haskell) project where I need to cooperate with Windoze users.

I read lot of blog posts, benchmark results, comparison-reviews etc. and
it seems that people put the label 'Slow' on it.

Moreover, I visited #bzr, subscribed (via Gmane) to this list, read
5-min & User-guide and now I can declare my decision that Bazaar is
clear winner and will be the VCS of choice for the next project and most
probably I'll migrate all my old darcs project to it (atm, darcs-2-git
and darcs2git does not perform as expected here).


*Powerful* enough providing support for different workflows in a
friendly way.

*Simplicity* of the model so that user can quickly understand
 fundamental concepts and know what's going on (in comparison with some
 other VCSs).

*Safe* - not allowing user to shoot himself/herself in the foot too

Extra bonus points for the Windoze support and some nice GUI tools which
might be handy for those users. (btw, bzr vis is cool to me too.)

One of the reasons I like(d) darcs is its simplicity, but the problem is
the the patch model might show its ugly nature (exponential merge time
etc.) Bazaar is, otoh, using more safe model without adding too much
complexity and I'm sure that based on the good design, some performance
issues will be put in order in due course of time.

number_of_bzr_users++ (plus few more counting my friends in a new project)

Keep up the good work!



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