Syncing issue between Linux - Windows and my published repository

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Fri May 16 17:28:17 BST 2008

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Jorgen Bodde wrote:
| Hi All,
| I have a small problem syncing my branches. Let me explain my situation.
| I work both under Linux and Windows (which one I might need). I have a
| published repository on FTP somewhere for others to check out if
| needed. I would like to keep the Linux source dir and the Windows
| source dir (both on two seperate locations) as synced as possible, so
| I thought about this solution:
| Linux BZR repository ---> Pushes to ---> Windows Bzr Repository (on
| disk) --> Pushes to FTP
| However, I noticed that pushing my branch from Linux to Windows,
| corrupted my Windows BZR branch. So I don't see any way to check out
| the changes under windows that I checked in under Linux (without using
| the FTP repository). I know this smells like a centralized repository
| but for the sake of keeping my code as safe as possible I want to
| share the same repository between the Linux source and the Windows
| source dir, and only use the FTP repository for the mature commits
| where my code actually runs for my end users.
| Any ideas?
| - Jorgen

If pushing Linux => Windows corrupted your branch, we have a serious bug. Can
you define "corrupted" for us?

My best guess is that it is changing the 'dirstate' file to check for executable
bits, because it thinks it can handle them on Linux, and later when you are on
Windows, you cannot handle them. Possibly a simple 'bzr revert' will get you
back (though you end up losing local changes).

Alternatively, you can look into the 'x-bit' plugin, which allows you to
set/unset the executable flag while on windows.

As for not sending stuff to FTP until it is "ready for end users", that is a
really good use case for having multiple branches on the FTP site, with a shared
repository between them. You only have to push the code up 1 time, but you can
have it in the 'staging' branch until you are ready to push it to 'users'.


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