bzr 1.5 final tomorrow, 1.6 in a few weeks

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri May 16 08:20:45 BST 2008

John is going to make 1.5final tomorrow; it looks like a good release.
 I believe there are only two post-rc1 changes, being the improved
documentation from Ian and John's patch to disable deprecation (and
other internal) warnings in released versions.

On our four week cycle, the first candidate of bzr 1.6 will be on
Friday the 6th of June, with the final release one week later.  This
will be a busy release: Andrew is planning to land the large
protocol-3 enabling patches today; stacked repositories are also
coming in; Ian is working on content filtering and we should also look
for specific optimizations in networking and general performance.

I think this will go well and be a big step forward, but we're going
to have to be careful not to destabilize anything by large last minute
landings.  I have a few concrete ideas:

 * plenty of reviews; if possible perhaps super-reviews of large
patches that have been read step by step, as I (partially) did with
the hpss patches
 * landing step by step as early in the cycle as we can
 * building pre-release or preview packages and asking people to test
them before we even get to the rc stage
 * perhaps moving forward the rc stage somewhat
 * ... anything else?

The review queue is up above one page again, with many conditionally
reviewed patches, so as ever we need to work on reviewing and getting
things that are almost done finished.

Thanks and good luck; I think this will be a great couple of releases.

Martin <>

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