Bazaar experimental branch removal (repost)

Guido Ostkamp bazaar at
Thu May 15 21:53:46 BST 2008


a while ago I posted the questions listed below but unfortunately I got no 
replies at that time, thus I repeat it one last time.

If you can give some hints, your answers will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards




I've been reading through the Bazaar user guide (I'm new to Bazaar, but a bit 
familiar with Git and Mercurial).

It appears the "Mirror branch" concept described in chapter 6.2 in the user's 
guide will serve me best because I can save disk space if I use a top-level 
repository with a nested main mirror branch like with

   $ bzr init-repo X-repo
   $ cd X-repo
   $ bzr branch sftp://centralhost/srv/bzr/X-repo/X-trunk
   $ bzr branch X-trunk X-crazy-idea
   $ cd X-crazy-idea
     (hack, hack, hack)

Unfortunately I could not find info how I can get totally rid off such an 
'crazy-idea' branch and recover all the disk space required for any of its 
commits, when it becomes clear that the stuff will not be used any longer.

With 'git' I could easily use 'git branch -D X-crazy-idea' and after a 
repack the space formerly used for the branch would be reclaimed.

How can I do this with Bazaar?

It's clear to me that if I wouldn't use top-level repositories with nested 
branches, but two independent branches instead like

   $ cd /somewhere
   $ bzr branch sftp://centralhost/srv/bzr/X-repo/X-trunk
   $ bzr branch X-trunk X-crazy-idea

I could remove the 'X-crazy-idea' directory alltogether, but then I cannot save 
the space as 'X-crazy-idea' will need the same full copy of the project history 
as X-trunk, as long as it exists.

Thanks for any insight.



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