[MERGE] Small tweaks to the "branch" command documentation in the user guide.

James Westby jw+debian at jameswestby.net
Thu May 15 20:27:31 BST 2008


Working with a user coming from SVN just now he was slightly confused
that after doing a "branch" command he had a fully fledged branch
he could work with. He suggested the attached tweak to one sentence
to make it a bit clearer that you are getting a branch.

While I was there I noticed something that another user commented
on a while ago. They were asking what m:/ referred to, assuming it
was like lp:///. Hopefully adding the m:/ next to where it says
network share makes this more clear.

I think this is a sign that the user guide is really good
now, so thanks to everyone that contributed to it, and especially
Ian for driving forwards with turning it in to a polished document.



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