Changing a commit message

TPJ tprimke at
Thu May 15 07:18:30 BST 2008

> (Raul Nunez wrote:)
> Well, depending on the project I may want centralized workflow and
> full control over my project, so then modifiable commit messages
> would be really great, but on the other hand I switched to Bazaar
> from Subversion because the decentralized workflow, I don't want
> "master" branches, so although I would really love modifiable commit
> messages, I think that they may be more a harm than a good for
> distributed projects.

I think we still talk about different things...

To make myself clear: I don't want to force anyone who uses Bazaar in
a decentralized workflow to allow commit messages changes. I just want
to make it possible to change commit messages in *centralized* Bazaar

For example, is you want decentralized workflow, you could create your
repository like that:

$ bzr init-repo --no-trees --no-commit-messages-changes <location>

or, you could create your first branch like that:

$ bzr init --no-commit-messages-changes <location>

Any branches created in your repository wouldn't allow commit messages
changes, neither any branches branched from your first branch.

On the other hand, if I want a centralized workflow, I could create my
repository like that:

$ bzr init-repo --no-trees --allow-commit-messages-changes <location>

So, we both could be happy with the same Bazaar!

You switched to Bazaar because it allows you decentralized workflows.
I chose Bazaar because it's easy to use.

Best regards,

	Tomek "TPJ"

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