Changing a commit message

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at
Wed May 14 07:24:00 BST 2008

TPJ, please preserve attribution lines for your quoted material, so we
can see who wrote what.

TPJ <tprimke at> writes:

> > > I know, I shouldn't be changing revision data, and this looks
> > > reasonable to me: if you want good commit messages, write them
> > > right!
> > By the same argument we don't need debugging or refactoring
> > tools -- simply write bug-free and correctly designed code
> > in the first place.
> > (...)
> I have thought about it and I agree with you. I think that the
> ability to change commit messages is needed.

I disagree: the property that existing commit data (including any
commit messages) is guaranteed *not* to change is very important, and
something which makes me value Bazaar over other VCSen without this

> The question is: do the Bazaar developers think the same?

The suggestion I've seen in this thread that seems to meet the stated
requirements, without changing history, is *adding* further commit
messages to an existing revision. I believe the term "commit
annotations" was used.

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