Bazaar: Out of memory

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Fri May 9 08:29:19 BST 2008

On Thu, 08 May 2008 11:16:49 +1000, "Ian Clatworthy"
<ian.clatworthy at> said:
> > The largest files in the working tree of the Git repository I try to
> > convert have a size of just ~40 MB and the system has 1.5 GB RAM and
> > plenty of swapspace configured, thus there should not be any problem
> > here. Both Mercurial and Git have absolutely no problem to deal with that.
> Thanks for this information. IIRC, the problem you're seeing is in the
> bzr-fastimport plugin code, not Bazaar itself. I'm pretty sure the
> problem will be the large file. I'll dig further today and get you a fix
> soon.

Ian, I tried fastimport version 72, as you suggested, but unfortunately
this is still failing (I tried to resume the version failed earlier).

Below you can find the current crash report. I also monitored the
during conversion and found the memory size starting of from 2648 (value
from ps 'SZ' column) going up to 379570 (the maximum value) within
13 minutes runtime.

If you have further ideas, please let me know.

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