Workflows, rebase, patch theory

Paul Moore p.f.moore at
Thu May 8 23:28:58 BST 2008

2008/5/8 Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen at>:
> Vincent Ladeuil writes:
>  > One point of view is that the full history of a branch should be
>  > shared without restrictions, including errors and mess.
> ... which is utterly vague once you think a bit more about it.
> Commit-per-keystroke, anyone? :-)

Commit per keystroke may be a joke, but what about "commit because I'm
going home" (from my work PC's checkout of my repository on my USB
drive, to pick up later on my home PC)? Even assuming I don't mind
people looking at what time I leave work from the logs (:-)) I'm sure
that history isn't of much use back in the project mainline when I
finally merge my changes...


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