cannot import from Mercurial

Elliot Murphy elliot at
Thu May 8 20:20:48 BST 2008

Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> Georg wrote:
>> and with fastimport I got:
>> hunter[58]$ ~/.bazaar/plugins/fastimport/exporters/
>> --repo=/home/hunter/gwk/hg.TeamIntegration/ bzr fastimport
>> Error: repository has at least one unnamed head: hg r6324
>> hunter[59]$
> Georg,
> supports a --force option that let's you continue when
> this error is encountered. Can you let me know if that helps or not?

I think it is better to just name the head in the mercurial repo before
doing the export.

When I've hit this before people didn't realize that they had an unnamed
head. To give it a name, use the hg heads command to find your unnamed
heads, switch to each one, and use the hg branch command to set a name
for each head. It makes sense to have a single unnamed head, which is
that thing that subversion called HEAD.

Elliot Murphy |

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