Is this possible?

Talden talden at
Wed May 7 21:58:26 BST 2008

>  > Another possible way of doing it is to use:
>  >
>  > bzr fast-export > dump.txt
>  > filter dump.txt
>  > bzr fast-import < dump.txt
>  >
>  > I haven't done this myself, but I'm told it should recreate what you want. You
>  > now have a completely separate project (so merging between them is not possible
>  > without some pain). It means your secrets are hidden, and a branch of it will
>  > only have to download the subset of data that actually effects those files.
>  I've always thought that this is where this functionality should be
>  implemented. As the stream format is supported by a few tools for other
>  VCS then there are more people that could collaborate on such a tool.

As long as 'fast' is not a misnomer.  This is a major hassle for
Subversion users who want to achieve the same - the dumping/loading
process on large repos can take an insufferably long time and the dump
format is extremely verbose to keep it simple (full-texts, not
deltas).  Providing this filtering capability lower down has been
requested repeatedly in the Subversion project for a good 5+ years,
I'd hate to see the same in-limbo feature request spring up in Bazaar.
That said, the solution doesn't need to be in the main tool but it
would be helpful if it were a repo-repo transfer of filtered content
rather than an intermediate format with a high overhead.


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