Workflows, rebase, patch theory (was: [Bug 227340] [NEW] Simple way to prepare patches for submission)

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at
Wed May 7 03:19:18 BST 2008

Andrew Bennetts <andrew at> writes:

> So you want something that generates a series of patches, one per
> commit? I'm a bit ambivalent about that, as that's the sort of
> behaviour that encourages (and is encouraged by) rebasing, which has
> significant drawbacks. I'd prefer to find a way to satisfy your need
> that doesn't encourage rebasing if possible.

For someone who was introduced to DVCS via GNU Arch -> baz -> bzr, and
who hasn't used git, all this talk of "rebase" is foreign. (It also
doesn't help that the Debian package 'bzr-rebase' has a description
that assumes the reader already knows what "rebase" means.)

I've heard a lot of talk about "rebase" from git and darcs users
(though the darcs users don't use that term, they do seem familiar
with the concept in discussion).

What is "rebase", and what does it mean for a Bazaar branch?

Why is a "rebase" operation desirable or undesirable (pros and cons,
advantages and drawbacks)?

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