[MERGE] per-user file properties

John Yates jyates at netezza.com
Tue May 6 15:31:07 BST 2008

The choice of names and terminology suggests that this mechanism
expresses file properties.  Yet that is not precisely what you offer.
It is in fact a set of rules, evaluated every time a file's properties
are needed.  That is quite different from determining a file's
properties once at the time that it is first made known to bzr and
associating those properties with the file in a persistent fashion.

Given that bzr emphasizes capturing and recording moves/renames as an
important difference w.r.t. git this design choice is somewhat

There has been a suggestion in this thread that a "fileproperties"
configuration file could be analogized to the "ignore" file.  I suggest
that the analogy is weak.  The "ignore" file is in fact much closer to a
persistence model.  This is because, given a file that one's ignore
rules claim ought to be ignored and forcing it actually to be versioned
has persistent effect.  A more analogous design would be to term this
new set of rules "filedefaults" and to evaluate them when files first
become versioned.  Most likely the add command would want new syntax to
override these defaults and supply explicit properties.


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