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Nicholas Allen allen at ableton.com
Tue May 6 11:35:40 BST 2008

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Hi Ian,

How does this work on a repository basis? It is not a good idea to
expect every user to configure this correctly and some files with the
same pattern may have different line ending styles in different
repositories. Storing the line ending style in the branch itself would
be much better and more flexible. A property should be really tied to
the file and not stored somewhere else. Otherwise when the file moves or
the extension changes then the properties may also change.


Ian Clatworthy wrote:
| This patch provides the plumbing for finding and reading per-user file
| properties. This feature is a building block for EOL support. However,
| it has been explicitly designed to be a generic capability and ought to
| be suitable for configuring other interesting things like custom diff
| and merge algorithms.
| Properties are defined in the BAZAAR_HOME/.bzrproperties file using an
| ini file syntax where the section headings are patterns and the section
| contents are the properties. Patterns use the same syntax as that used
| by .bzrignore files. Here is an example:
|   [*.py]
|   eol = exact
|   [*.pdf]
|   text = False
| Note that patterns are explicitly ordered - the first one matching wins.
| This implies that more explicit patterns should be placed at the top of
| the file and more general patterns towards the end.
| In the future, core features and plugins can assign meaning to various
| properties. Doing that is beyond the scope of this patch.
| A future enhancement may also support .bzrproperties files in places
| other than BAZAAR_HOME. If and when we decide to do that, I think that's
| a small change code wise (over and above this patch). For now, the
| consensus is that we should first gain experience with a simple
| implementation of file properties (e.g. the one proposed by this patch)
| before introducing the additional complexity implied by the various
| extended schemes.
| Ian C.

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