cvs to bazaar migration

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Tue May 6 00:44:39 BST 2008

Michael Haggerty wrote:
> James Walker wrote:
>> I've installed bzr-fastimport and cvs2svn, but I am not sure they are
>> the best tools, or what to do with them now.  The docs on cvs2svn talk
>> about going from cvs to svn or git, but not a word about bazaar.
>> A page on fastimport says "After installing the plugin, see the online
>> help and the bundled documentation."  What online help?  If I say "bzr
>> help fastimport" I get back "Fast, stream-based importing of data into
>> Bazaar.".  What bundled documentation?  All I find is a tiny notes.txt
>> file in the doc folder of the plugin.


Apologies - that's a bit sad. "bzr help fastimport" isn't the right
command to use here. If you type "bzr help fast-import" instead, the
help output you'll get is what I meant by "see the online help". The 2nd
command gives you the help on the fast-import *command*. I'll look into
what the 1st command is giving you but I'm guessing it's "help" on the
fastimport *plugin* as a whole.

> cvs2svn can output to a git-fast-import stream, which "bzr fastimport"
> can supposedly load.  But I haven't heard from anybody who has tried
> this method.  If you do, feedback would be much appreciated :-)
> cvs2svn does a very good job of deducing the correct CVS history, so if
> this method works for you it should result in a high-quality conversion.
>  However, cvs2svn can only be used for one-time conversions (not for
> tracking a CVS repository).
> If you want to try this, follow the instructions for converting to git
> [1] then load the dumpfiles into bazaar instead.  Please note that you
> need a recent version of cvs2svn for this functionality.  If you have
> problems, please let us know that too.  If this procedure requires small
> changes to cvs2svn I will try to help you out.
> Michael
> (the cvs2svn maintainer)
> [1]


Is there any chance we could get a cvs2bzr command added to cvs2svn?
Initially, it could do exactly the same as cvs2git code wise, but the
web page could explain how to import into Bazaar. I'm happy to help with
web page content if you want/need assistance there.

Ian C.

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