help requested for stitching the history of 3 VCSes

Jeff web.kiddo at
Sat May 3 03:29:28 BST 2008

I tried and stuck on step 3:

> jeff at kiki:~/trunks/awesome-new-specto/specto-rebase$ bzr replay
> -r0.. ../specto-svn/
> bzr: ERROR: Repository
> KnitPackRepository('file:///home/jeff/trunks/awesome-new-specto/specto-rebase/.bzr/repository/') is not compatible with repository KnitPackRepository('file:///home/jeff/trunks/awesome-new-specto/specto-svn/.bzr/repository/')

Then I assumed this was because specto-rebase was just branched from
specto-cvs which is still pack-0.92, so I removed did a bzr upgrade
--rich-root-pack on specto-rebase and retried the replay procedure with
the same command. This time, I got:

> bzr: ERROR: Reserved revision-id {null:}

What did I do wrong?
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