[MERGE] Add ErrorFromSmartServer exception, and raise it from read_response_tuple for all protocol versions (protocol v3 patch 5/7)

Andrew Bennetts andrew at canonical.com
Thu Apr 24 00:19:23 BST 2008

This is the fifth in a series of patches that implement version 3 of the smart
server protocol.  The full branch with all changes combined is at


Adds ErrorFromSmartServer.  This is used to consistently cause an exception to
be raised in the client when the server returns an error response.  It turned
out that this isn't really a core change for v3, but I feel it's a step in the
right direction for more consistent error handling.


Catch ErrorFromSmartServer rather than detecting errors by hand.  (We still have
to translate ErrorFromSmartServer to more specific errors manually in


Catch ErrorFromSmartServer here too.


Revamp the FakeClient test double to have a richer API.  Aside from being more
readable, this is needed for the ErrorFromSmartServer abstraction.


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