bazaar branch fails

Rahul Nabar rpnabar at
Wed Apr 30 02:37:11 BST 2008

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 5:52 PM, Martin Pool <mbp at> wrote:
>  If you mean hack Bazaar in the sense of modifying Bazaar itself to
>  support this - it might be possible, people have talked about this a
>  little before, but it would take some more discussion to work out the
>  right way to do it.

Thanks Martin. I doubt my skills are at a level where I could touch
the source. I was thinking in terms of options / wrapper etc. (or like
the symlinking workaround you actually suggested) BTW, was this left
out due to performance reasons? Or just a esoteric feature that nobody
relay wished for? Just wondering if I wait for the next version if
there is a decent chance of seeing it come in. Point is that although
people mentioned svn, cvs and rcs in related posts the Bazaar
interface and work-flow is just way too user-friendly for me to leave
behind.Besides I really love the fact that Bazaaar does not clutter my
directory tree with its own .something directories. (unlike cvs svn
etc.) Just one centralized .bzr directory.

>  As far as how to use Bazaar to do this now: I'd suggest making branch
>  directories for each individually-versioned file or set of files, then
>  symlinking them into another directory.

I think that's my best bet for now. But I'm not sure I actually
understand that workaround.....Let's say I have a ~/dirfoo/ with
script1 and script2. My .bzr directory is present in ~ where I did my
one and only bzr init.

Now I need to work on script1.devel1 and script1.devel2 (two
alternative ideas for a modification to script1) for a while and then
when satisfied merge and then test and finally convert into the
production version of script1. All the while I'm the only developer so
not really multi-user.

How exactly did you mean when you suggested that workaround in this
scenario? Could I bother you to elaborate just a bit more?


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