why does bazaar not add a file automatically on the first commit

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Apr 22 22:24:00 BST 2008

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Matt Nordhoff wrote:
| Rahul Nabar wrote:
|> I find myself repeating this cycle so often that I wonder there isn't
|> a combined command / option.
|> #made a new file foo.cfg
|> bzr commit ~/foo.cfg
|> bzr: ERROR: Path(s) are not versioned: ~/foo.cfg
|> bzr add ~/foo.cfg
|> bzr commit ~/foo.cfg
|> If a user requests a commit and the file is not being tracked why
|> doesn't bazaar automatically add it  rather than complain? If the user
|> demanded a commit it is reasonable to assume he wants that file added?
|> Perhaps with some option --force etc. Is that a feature  / bug? Maybe
|> there's some subtlety I am not aware of! Just curious!
|> I must mention that I've a .bzrignore set to * since I'm using it to
|> version scattered scripts and config files across my system.
| FWIW, hg has a -A/--addremove argument to commit. (It also has an
| addremove command.)
| Automatically adding files when they are specified on the command line
| is a neat idea though. Except, you could do "bzr commit *" or something
| and accidentally add files you don't want. There could be a heuristic to
|  not add files when a ton of them are specified, or the entire
| directory, or something.

True, but heuristics often get you into trouble. (No, I really do want to add
all the files in that directory, oops I added *.c instead of just foo.c, etc)

Also, if you specify a containing directory, should it add the things
underneath? (bzr commit library)

Which is where just having the user supply a flag really eliminates the guesswork.


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