[rfc][merge] ban assert statements

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Tue Apr 22 14:58:51 BST 2008

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Martin Pool wrote:
| I think we should ban assert statements from Bazaar: they cause bugs
| and don't particularly help:
|  * it makes the behaviour vary depending on whether bzr is run with -O
| or not, therefore giving a chance for bugs that occur in one case or
| the other, several of which have already occurred: assertions with
| side effects, code which can't continue unless the assertion passes,
| cases where we should give the user a proper message rather than an
| assertion failure
|  * it's not that much shorter than an explicit if/raise
|  * it tends to lead to fuzzy thinking about whether the check is
| actually needed or not, and whether it's an internal error or not
|  * tends to cause look-before-you-leap patterns
|  * it's unsafe if the check is needed to protect the integrity of the
| user's data
|  * it tends to give poor messages since the developer can get by with
| no explanatory text at all
|  * we can't rely on people always running with -O in normal use, so we
| can't use it for tests that are actually expensive
|  * expensive checks that help developers are better turned on from the
| test suite or a -D flag
|  * if used instead of self.assert*() in tests it makes them falsely pass with -O
| This patch adds a test for them; it traps about 15 files that
| currently use them.  If people agree with this in principle I'll post
| a patch that changes them to if/raise with AssertionError ValueError
| in most cases.  This will not magically make these errors more
| understandable if they occur to a user, but I wouldn't be surprised if
| I find some of the cases above.

I would certainly ban asserts without associated tests. Overall, I think assert
has probably caused more problems for us than benefits. I think the *good* of it
is that it is fast to type, and has caught some errors in our code, that not
having anything would be bad.

However, 'assert' should never be used to check data-from-outside anyway.

So, overall I'm happy enough to refuse 'assert' in source code. We can always
use it while developing, and then fix it before it gets merged into mainline.


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