Trouble with "bind/update"

Torsten Bronger bronger at
Mon Apr 21 17:32:49 BST 2008


I lost a big part of yesterday's work due to my own erroneous use of
"bind".  Because I think that others *might* do the same mistake, I
report here what happened.

I had an old version of my branch pushed to Launchpad, and had
commited some further revisions locally.  In order to work more
safely (*cough*), I wanted to switch to an SVN-like development with
"bzr bind".

However, then the next commit failed and told me to do an update.  I
did, and it reported me a lot of changes to my working tree.  I
didn't like that and said "revert".  Stupid me.

Now I wonder whether it makes sense if Bazaar tried to push/pull
first before the "bind" is actually executed, or rejects a "bind" if
the local branch is further developed, or something in this

By the way, the "revert" didn't leave any files in my


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