Branch fails from 'pack-0.92' repo to 'rich-root-pack' repo

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at
Sun Apr 20 14:40:35 BST 2008

Aaron Bentley <aaron at> writes:

> Ben Finney wrote:
> > Are you able to reproduce the failure I get, following the case
> > given at the start of this thread?
> Yes. I'm sorry I didn't read more carefully before giving my
> previous reply.
> I created Bugs Everywhere with a development version of bzr, and its
> tree root is unique, unlike normal pack-0.92 trees.

Well that helps explain a lot of the frustrating behaviour I've seen.
It appeared to be just another in a long string of problems I've had
with shared repositories; I'm glad to see an explanation for this at

> The converter does not handle these rare halfway-rich branches
> correctly yet. I hope to work on that this week. No released version
> of Bazaar ever created such branches.

Okay. I look forward to a bugs-everywhere repository that I can work

> On the other hand, you shouldn't be pulling Bugs Everywhere (or
> Bazaar itself) into rich-root-pack format. If you do, any new
> commits you make will be incompatible with the upstream repository,
> so they won't be mergeable.

Oh, dear. That's another wrinkle in this tale, then.

My overarching purpose in creating a 'rich-root-pack' repository is
that it's the only solution proposed (in a separate thread) to
hopefully allow me to rescue branches that already exist in an older
'dirstate-with-subtrees' repository. If the result prevents me from
working with other Bazaar repositories, I haven't gained much.

> > Under what circumstances would ['bzr reconcile'] need to be done?
> When you have an old repository that you have upgraded from another
> format, especially if development versions of bzr were used on it.
> You can run "bzr check" to see if you need to run reconcile, but
> IME, this takes as long as reconcile itself.

Ah, okay. I've never heard of 'bzr reconcile' before today. On the
other hand, I've often been advised to run 'bzr check', and never seen
any errors from it, even when weird behaviour was otherwise occurring.

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