[MERGE] line-endings support: part 1 of 2: versioned properties

Nicholas Allen allen at ableton.com
Mon Apr 14 11:07:37 BST 2008

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It's great to see that work is being done on this!

I quickly read over the documentation and had some questions/feedback 
regarding the pattern matching of file names to properties. Are these 
only used when I "bzr add filename" at which point bzr looks up what 
automatic properties to set on the added file(s) and then updates the 
property file to include a section for each file id that was added with 
the properties defined in the wildcard section?

Personally, I think it would be better to have a separate file for 
"automatic properties" that are set when adding files (by matching them 
with a file name pattern) but which do not apply to files that have 
already been added and are under version control.

Also I think the problem with conflicts in this file would be a bit 
annoying. New properties will be added at the end I guess and so if 2 
branches set properties (even on different files or different 
properties) this will cause a conflict. I realize this is a limitation 
of your simple approach but I wonder if this would be too annoying to 
use in practice. Especially, as bazaar has the automatic gatekeeper as a 
workflow - I think this would cause unnecessary conflicts that would 
make this workflow not useable anymore because the gatekeeper could not 
automatically resolve all these conflicts.


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