Windows issue

Dave Compton to.dave.c at
Sat Apr 12 18:17:13 BST 2008

The cygwin version of bzr has problems (attributed to a cygwin bug).  
Here's  a launchpad bug report regarding this bug: .  The native (non-cygwin) 
version of bzr works just fine.  Here's a trivial script to ease 
starting the non-cygwin bzr from the cygwin cmd line:
#! /bin/bash
"C:/Program Files/Bazaar/bzr.exe" "$@"

- Dave

Russel Winder wrote:
> Generally I avoid all use of Windows, but from time to time I have to in
> order to test Gant to make sure it works on Windows.
> I have a Bazaar branch on which I can do "bzr info" and "bzr status" and
> I get the results I expect but "bzr update" leads to:
> 	bzr: ERROR: [Errno 0] Error
> not the most informative message :-)  I am using Bazaar from Cygwin
> which is 1.0.0 on Python 2.5.1, the repository is in pack-0.92 format.
> Is this just a problem the answer to which is "we have to wait till
> Cygwin updates to a newer version"?
> Thanks.

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