[PATCH] [Bug 209281] Re: Windows diff apps don't understand symlinks created by Cygwin bzr diff --using

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Thu Apr 10 07:39:19 BST 2008

Robert Collins пишет:
> On Thu, 2008-04-10 at 12:23 +1000, Martin Pool wrote:
>> So it seems like not such a good fit as there is nothing people could
>> install to make symlinks work universally on Windows.
> I think the dev guide summary got it wrong.
> UnavailableFeature was *designed* for things like symlinks-on-win32.

Yes, and there already is SymlinkFeature to skip some tests on win32.

But this patch is not about symlinks on win32. It's about symlinks on
Cygwin, and Cygwin's python and therefore Cygwin's native bzr version
are support symlinks. This patch is all about bad interaction between
Cygwin's symlinks and native Windows applications.

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