[MERGE] add a hook for Branch.set_last_revision_info()

James Henstridge james at jamesh.id.au
Tue Apr 8 03:34:47 BST 2008

One feature of the bzr-dbus plugin is to send a D-Bus signal over the
session bus whenever the head revision of a branch changes.  It
currently does this through the "set_rh" hook.

Unfortunately, the current default branch formats do not call
set_revision_history() during commits or pulls so the D-Bus signal
doesn't get sent.  It seems that the set_last_revision_info() method
is now the right place to hook to detect these changes, so that's what
the attached bundle does.

I realise that there are already hooks for commit, pull, push and
uncommit, but I think this hook has value.  If I add hooks to the
previous 4 operations, the plugin would need to be modified every time
a new way to modify the branch head is added.  By adding a hook to the
function that actually changes the branch, things should be a lot more

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