Questions/Notes related to wiki-page 'Integrating_with_Bazaar'

markus korn thekorn at
Mon Mar 31 23:23:05 BST 2008

Hi all,
as I try to integrate bzr into some scripts via bzrlib, i found [0].
This seems to be the only pubulic reference/manual. Is this right?

Walking through the examples I noticed some inconsistencies/issues:
   * the is a different meaning of 'branch' in the examples: sometimes
'branch' means the modul (e.g. 'Pushing and pulling branches') and a
few lines later it is a branch.Branch object (e.g. 'Getting the list
of revision ids that make up a branch')
   * example in 'Accessing the files from a revision':  is
'revtree.iter_changes(other_revtree)' suppose to work? I always get
''RevisionTree' object has no attribute 'iter_changes''



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