Sharing repository across branches

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Mon Mar 31 20:13:56 BST 2008

>> 2 - Say I have a branch with its own repository and I want to create
>> another branch and share the repository.  How can I do that?
>> Is there a way to move a branch's repository up the tree (or move
>> the branch down without moving the repository), or do I have to
>> do it the expensive way (which recreates a completely new
>> repository from the existing one)?

> No, there's currently no way of doing this.

How odd.  I'd have expected that moving the "repository" subdirectory of
.bzr is all that's needed.

> However, the discussion is over how it should be done, as you need
> to either keep the repository where it is and move the branch down,
> or move the repository up.  Each of them have their problematic
> cases to deal with.

Doesn't seem particularly difficult, as long as you accept that it only
works in some cases (e.g. the parent dir doesn't have a .bzr yet).

> Would you like me to explain how to do this by hand?

Yes, please.


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